Suppliers of Miniature Signage & Scenic Models


Provides a variety of products and services for the discerning modeler and garden railway enthusiast
with main focus on the scenic side of the hobby, which provides you with the
opportunity to make your railway even more realistic in appearance.

MaKitModels aim is to
Provide services to you which can enhance your existing or new railway,
by providing a greater level of realism based on reality.

Primary Scales Covered
1/19th scale (16mm/ft) through to 1/12th scales (others scales catered for call for details)

Miniature Signage
We manufacture range of metal signs which are aimed at enhancing your existing or new railway.
They are primarily scaled to 1:19 16mm/ft but are also suitable for other scales
up to dolls house 1/12th scale.

We also provide a bespoke miniature sign making service for signs not on shown on website
 in any size or scale (one off or more). Please ask us for further details.

Scenics, Buildings, Structures & Equipment
We specialise in construction and painting of resin kits from the high quality ‘Pendle Valley Workshop’
range of kits and accessories.  This kit building service also extends to modification
and super detailing of these fine kits to suit your ideas, specification or situation.

We also offer a bespoke model-making service with many items manufactured from
lightweight and Waterproof PVC Foam Board for buildings, structures and other equipment.

Super Detailing and Weathering
We can provide a cosmetic superdetailing and weathering service to enhanse your existing models.
Please see website 'Gallery' page for an example of an Electric Accucraft W&L Countess Locomotive
which has had a ‘Super Detailed Cab Makeover’ and some weathered Accucraft wagons.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about our products or services
or, to discuss any potential commissions you might like us to undertake for you.

  1. Managing Director
    Reality in Miniature
    Bespoke miniature commissions undertaken to your requirements
  2. Managing Director
    Dioramas made to order
    For you garden railway or indoor layouts
  3. Managing Director
    Scale Signage
    Fully waterproof Metal Miniature simulated Enamel Signs made to order or from stock
  4. Managing Director
    Basic Kit Building Services
    Using 'Pendle Valley Workshop' products as a basis
  5. Managing Director
    Design & Build Services
    New Buildings from scratch made of waterproof PVC Foam Board.
  6. Managing Director
    Title 27
  7. Managing Director
    Enhanced Kit Building Services
    Using 'Pendle Valley Workshop' products as a basis
  8. Managing Director
  9. Managing Director
    Title 33
  10. Managing Director
    Title 34
  11. Managing Director
    Title 35
  12. Managing Director
    Superdetailing Services
    Example of Electric Accucraft W&L Countess superdetailed cab
  13. Managing Director
    Title 37
  14. Managing Director
    Title 38
  15. Managing Director
    Title 39
  16. Managing Director
    Title 40
  17. Managing Director
    Title 41
  18. Managing Director
    Title 42
  19. Managing Director
    Title 43
  20. Managing Director
    Title 44
  21. Managing Director
    Title 45
  22. Managing Director
    Title 46
  23. Managing Director
    Title 47
  24. Managing Director
    Weathering Services
    Example of weathered Accucraft W&L open wagon
Contact Hours
Monday - Saturday 9:30am - 8.00pm